5 Packing Tips From Military Wives

Moving is always a challenge.  Military wives are, by necessity, experts in tackling the problems involved in relocating a household.  After all, the average family transfers from one base to another an average of every three years.  All of this moving leads to lots of experience!  Here are five packing tips from military wives.


Moving Binder


Keep track of important papers by creating a moving binder.  This binder can also contain checklists so that you feel more relaxed and confident throughout the moving process.  Many military wives also suggest that you take photographs of all of your stuff.  The pictures serve to document your possessions and also help to remind you of where everything goes once you’re in your new home.


Donate & Sell


Decluttering your house might be the most underrated part of a successful move.  Most people collect a lot of things.  Often, we are not all that attached to much of the stuff in our house.  Moving is a perfect time to donate unwanted items to charity and sell it through yard sales and online websites.  Many organizations will make arrangements with you to pick up your donation.  My sister, a veteran of many Army moves, suggests offering a bottle of water to the people who pick up your contribution.  She says that, if you’re considerate, they will be more willing to pick up the iffy items that the organization might not always accept.


Get children into action by making it fun.  For example, one mom encouraged her children to hold a yard sale for the toys that they didn’t need anymore.  The yard sale was a success, and the children gave the proceeds to a local animal shelter.  This learning experience had the dual effect of reducing the number of items to move and helping homeless animals.




It is a constructive idea to pack a set of bedding in the dresser that goes into the room with the bed.  Trust me; by the time your furniture is set up in your new house, you’ll be exhausted.  The last thing that you want to do is search through boxes to find bedding that fits each bed.  There is something so comforting about climbing into your own bed with your own bedding for the first night in your own home.


While we’re thinking about bedding,  it’s also a neat idea to empty your linen closets into large garbage bags before packing them into boxes.  Once unpacked, you can put the garbage bag into your new linen closet until you are ready to set up the linen shelves.


Fragile Items


Do you ever wonder how military families keep their fragile keepsakes safe through many long-distance moves?  The key is to make sure that the movers understand which items need special care.  It’s helpful to mark the items as fragile and place them in a central location to pack early in the packing process.

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